The day I got WAISTED.

Hi my awesome and fabulous people. Today yours truly IAMROREID got WAISTED by the one and only Toronto native Che Nwagbo of Alter Ego Clothing.

I’ve had the pleasure and opportunity to model a few of AEC’s(Alter Ego Clothing) in a variety of fashion shows over the past few years.

American’s Most Wanted Fashion Show

The above featured photo is of me, Ro Reid, modelling the Alter Ego leather collar and leather halter underbust with the cherry red cheetah tights by Todd White Signature Designs

The Weight is Over

Also from those same two just mentioned hot designers is a bodysuit by Todd White and the luscious leather studded envelope clutch  and red hot halter underbust is all AEC.

Miami Nights

My very first purchase from AEC,  was this black on black jacquard print  full bust corset with a sweetheart neckline. I’ve worn it many times over the years and with a variety of tops and bottoms on a variety of occasions and it’s still in excellent condition.

But jump ahead to today Friday July 24 of 2015 and I am at the AEC headquarters trying on underbust corsets.

The Waist trainer (left) vs The Curvy (right)

On the left pictured above is the underbust corset known as a standard ‘Waisttrainer’ and the underbust corset found on the right is known as ‘the Curvy’.

I walked in like…image

The Waspie

I tried on, the Curvy, the Waisttrainer,  and the ‘Waspie’ (seen above).

After asking Che alot of questions to pinpoint the corset of choice for me. A decision was reached. Hard yes, but it’s possible. With a lot of pondering and perusing of pictures taken that day and alot of patience from the owner Che a decision was reached.

Soooo, based on my needs for support in my waist and my ultimate shape of my body that I desired to see, and umm how damn good I looked in the Curvy…I went with the Curvy.

The winner, for today, standing victorious is The Curvy




Happy Happy Happy customer over here.Selfie in the car.Selfie at the movies. Selfie in the bathroom. SELFIEPALOOZA!

I love my ‘Currvy’ underbust corset and the only negative that I have is that they have a suggested seasoning/breaking in of your corset  schedule which is intended to give your corset time to get used to and mold to your body. BUT do you see how my corset fits me? It’s like a dream and I love it and I want to live in it.

It has been three days so far and I’ve worn my corset every day since I got it.  I’m thinking of naming her since we will be spending so much time together, laugh out loud. Why not? I do it for my wigs but that’s another story.

Check out your AEC choices HERE


I am Ro Reid, your passionate diva!

*The striped dress was thrifted.

**The wrap dress is from Suzy Shier from their Plus Collection (no longer available).


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