Just one of those days….

Totally just have one of those days when the best laid plans go completely left.

So my daughter wakes me up and the surprise is that I do get up since it’s less than 8 hours of sleep since hitting my bed after going nonstop for over 24 hours. (that’s another story)

But get up I do. I start laying out my envisioned all white sophistimicated(yes I do this sometimes,  humour me) outfit. Then the accessories to top it off.
Boom! I’m on time, on point, and it’s looking to be a sweet afternoon.

I hop in the shower… everything is soft, sweet, and prepared to be adorned.
Face is “beat” to the God’s.


Feeling ready to rip and roar on an exclusive ladies only yacht party…but my ride didn’t confirm til the







Like where and why does that happen?! Cha!!!!!!!?!

But good makeup must not go to waste.Oh no no. Somebody was gonna catch the awesomeness of this carefully applied sweetness. So an at home photo shoot it is until I figure where I can go and what can I wear.(I don’t know bout y’all but I have some sweet summer styles that hasn’t seen the light of day yet and summer is pretty much over..




For ex



This beautiful ombre dress can be found at Sexy Plus Clothing a beautiful boutique with a variety of styles to fit your personality and budget. They are located at 5100 Maingate Dr in Mississauga, On.

So yesssssss,  I was feeling fabuloso with the makeup and the dress. But I think it was not the


outfit t

o roll ou

t with ju

st yet.

Now this was the outfit!!!!!  And let me warn you from now.


..it will be


repeated ti


l winter!!!



He he he he.

Ok just one more.

And now my shoes.Are from “why pay more when you can payless”!  Yeah yeah,these payless Boat shoes caught my eye from time and when they came down in price I grab


bed them. You can find them (here). My lovely distressed jeans are from Voluptuousinc and can be found (here). My very lovely classic top is from Candi’s Closet found (here) fellow blogger and entrepreneurThe Stylish Reid.

A little bit of the fall 2015 trend at the end of summer can’t hurt. Houndstooth is a classic fall pattern that is as classy and timeless as it is classic.  Aka it’s not going anywhere.

The dress, legging,  and skirt are all Additionelle and can be seen in their Fall 2015 fashion lookbook.

So yes it was one of those days that was very wonky and a little wth?! And  ended up being way stellar. Here is to one of the days.


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