my carnival wayback flashback: BlackSage Carnival presents Rags to Riches

Hey yall, I arrive around 11pm for the BlackSage BandLaunch. I waited anxiously on pins and needles while grooving to the old and new soca being played  by the Dj assigned with warming up the crowd this evening.Here I stand the sexy amazon, looking Divalliscious trying to be patient with the growing crowd of onlookers for the presentation of “Rags to Riches” at Club Twilight(Mccowan Rd/ Nugget ave).On a side note if you get to visit the place the prices don’t seem to be half bad(2 Revs, rum n coke and good plate of wings is $27) and the place definitely has a good size dance floor to dance the night away!

12:15am and nothing as yet in regards to the presentation, simply put, not impressed!I was ready for dim lights and action from midnight.chaaa

Ok, ok, ok! I am now impressed with ALL of this years costumes presented by Black Sage.

“Marracos Delight”

“Bruneis Pride”

“Royal Ransome”

“White Diamonds”

“Malaysias Court”

“Keeper of King Solomons Mines”

I’m excited to see if the bras are large enough to fit my assets! Which can you see me in.

Additional pictures posting soon…

Please see below for contact information:



A new look and feel, but with the same quality and craftmenship. It’s a family thing……A band that you and your children can play with.

Company Overview

Black Sage Carnival (BSC) is a collaboration of two Caribana bands Scarborough Caribbean Sports Club and Nip Davis & Associates in Toronto.


Formerly Nip Davis and Associates and Scarborough Caribbean Sports Club

In 2009, Black Sage Carnival (BSC) was created, a blending of two unique, and creative organizations. Black Sage Carnival is fuelled by the desire to be one of the top bands in Toronto’s Caribana. It’s our belief at BSC, that we are at the beginning of an amazing journey and 2008 was the first step on this journey.

Black Sage Carnival is lead by Corey Howard,



Corey: 647-980-7715, Cheryl: 416-301-4816, Giselle: 416-569-0161



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